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Major new poll of British Born Muslims in the UK (link at top of page) September 30, 2009

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The Survey
The following survey was carried out between 9th March and 24th March 2009.
A total of 1511 British Born Muslims were polled aged between 16 and 39
1093 in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham and 418 outside the Small Heath branch of ASDA.

Why Alum Rock ?


Alum Rock (also known as “The Rock”) is an inner-city suburb located roughly 2 miles east of Birmingham city centre, and is officially a division of Saltley.

In the past, Alum Rock was largely known to be an Irish immigrant area, but now contains a large Asian population mainly from Pakistan (Drunni Bathroi Mirpur, Kashmir) and Bangladesh (Sylhet) which also extends into nearby Small Heath and Sparkbrook. (,_Birmingham)

Alum Rock has been described as a “no go” area for white people.

Alum Rock was where the “soldier beheading” suspects were from.

Alum Rock was where the liquid bomb plot suspects were from in 2006:

If anywhere is going to give an accurate poll on what British Born Muslims think, it is here.

Why was this poll taken ?

See full details here:

On the 28th July 2008, The Daily Mail newpaper printed a front-page story based on a survey carried out by the “Centre for Social Cohesion think tank”. It claimed “One third of British Muslim students say it’s acceptable to kill for Islam”.

This is a very bold statement to make based on one survey. Another survey is needed to either back up this finding or to dismiss it as misleading.

Who are we ?

We are not part of any think tank or group. We have conducted an independant poll using clear questions whose original wordings have not changed from the pages of the survey to the text you read on this site.
The think tank polled 1400 Muslim people and this new survey polled 1511 British Born Muslims.

The survey was taken by just four people. Two were Muslim (of Pakistani origin) and two were white (non-Muslim). They worked in pairs to ensure the accuracy of results.
The poll took 16 days to complete due to the vast number of questions. We wanted to make sure we polled the same number of people or higher as the previous survey shown in the Daily Mail last year.
There were a lot of incomplete surveys because people did not have the time to complete them fully. So it took a week longer than was first predicted to finish the survey. Only fully completed surveys were taken into account.

The number of questions was high because there were a lot of questions that needed to be asked and it was felt each question was too important to be left out. This type of survey may not be carried out again for many years and it was important to get the full perspective of British Born Muslims living in the UK.

The Results

The results can be found by clicking the “BRITISH MUSLIM POLL” link at the top of the page.
The results are sorted into the following categories:

Politics and Terrorism
Alum Rock
Newspapers & Media
View of the World
The UK Government



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