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Who is a British Born Muslim ? September 30, 2009

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Who is a British Born Muslim is an easy question: it is anyone who was born in the UK and is Muslim. This is at once the easiest and probably the only workable definition. The more teasing question is: what is a British Muslim? The query raises two problems related to belonging. What does it mean to be a British person who belongs to Islam? And, what does it mean to be a Muslim person who belongs to Britain? How do we map the overlap zone in a way that makes sense, and is legitimate, in terms of the co-ordinates of both of these terms?

British Born Muslims are usually seen to be torn between two worlds, but in reality, the British world has shaped their souls far more profoundly then they often recognise. This is why we love to call ourselves British and be proud of it.

There are 1,591,000 Muslims in Britain (2001 Census) and half, 800,000 are born and bred Britons.


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